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Wine County of Zala

Wine County of Zala

The settlements of the wine-district lying in the vicinity of the bend of Zala and Kovácsi mountain, that is the most western vulcanic mountain of Balaton-felvidék, belong to this circle: Zalaszentgrót, Csáford, Aranyod, Tekenye, Vindornyaszőlős, Zalaszántó, Szentgyörgyvár, Sármellék. The centre of the region is Zalaszentgrót, where the complete relaxation in the wellness and thermal bath complex is promoted by not only the pleasant thermal water, the picturesque environment and the fresh air, but the sport facilities – tennis courts, football-, beach volleyball fields, playground, skittle - and the three fishing lakes located in the area of the bath. The sights of the town are the Batthyány castle and the Small castle and the four-hole Stone-bridge on Zala river next to it.
Tátikai vár látképeThe park around the castle has a garden-historical value with its protected plane- and yewtrees. On the hilly area around Zalaszentgrót on Csáford- and Aranyod- vineyards a number of wine-growers await the ones interested in the wine culture. Beside the racy wines the visitors can enjoy also the traditional gastronomy. The johnny-cake and the ”dödölle” are extremely delicious with some sour cream on the top, however it is the best with the tasty game-goulash. The hikers’ popular route is the panorama-path at Csáford: the hiking tour called „”Wanderings from cellar to cellar at the time of vintage” is organized every year on the first Saturday of October, for which the tourists come from all parts of the country. The rural hosts offer family-friendly accomodation, while the craftsmen traditional folkworks for the visitors (information:


Kovácsi-mountain, as the part of Balatonfelvidéki Nature Park, has a significant value. One of the most important Buddhistic stupas of Europe has been built on the mountain in 1993. The holy place can be reached from Zalaszántó. The Fly Balaton airport at Sármellék has a more and more considerable air traffic. Among others it is worth to see Festetics castle, the parish church of Gothic style and Georgikon Manor-museum at Keszthely.

A térképre kattintva megtekinthető a nagyobb felbontású kép.

A Zalai borvidék



1 - Wine route in Zala valley
2 - Wine route in Zalakaros
3 - Wine tour in Szentgyörgyvár
4 - Wine tour in Oszko Hill
5 - Wine tour Letenye - Kravnyik
6 - Wine tour in Krizevci – Lenti
Border line
Border line
Townhsips in wineland of Zala county


The Wine Route in Zala intends to introduce the vine-growers’ and viticulturists’ excellent wines in the wine-district of Zala, the gastronomy of Zala county, the beauties of the landscape, the cultural and historical heritage of Zala, the regenerating wellness and medical services of the thermal baths for the interested vine-growers, viticulturists, domestic- and foreign tourists.

Noé Borház Dötkön 

 The wine growing viniculture has been developed on the basis of the Greek-Celtic-Roman traditions of Pannonia and the knowledge of the Hungarians, that they brought from the East. The settlements of Zala wine-district are located dispersedly in our county. Zala valley, that is closer to Lake Balaton, and the vicinity of Small-Balaton form a district. The other important area is the southern, Mura district, that is located along the Slovenian and Croatian borders.

 The Atlantic effect can be felt on the climate of the area, it is rich in precipitation, the weather is more balanced than in the eastern part of our country. The sunshine is enough for mellowing excellent wines on the southern slopes, among Zala hills, in the sheltered valleys. The clayey brown forest soil is characteristic for the whole Zala wine-district; bright, fiery white wines – which are rich in acids - yield on this soil. The varieties cultivated in the wine-district: Riesling, Müller-Thurgau (Riesling-Sylvaner), Weissgipfler, Chardonnay, Királyleányka, Ezerfürtű. Among the varieties which give fragrant wines, the ”cserszegi fűszeres” is getting more significant, while the ones giving red wine are represented by Franconia, Zweigelt, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The wines of the wine-district are fragrant, very rich in aroma substances, fiery, they have an intense acid content.