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The homepage development came true from the Neighbourhood Programme Slovenia-Hungary-Croatia 2004-2006 sponsored No. SLO-HU-CRO/065/HU on the score of "Market prospects are increasing for wine growers" project

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Grows the knowledge – Grows the market

„NŐ a tudás – NŐ a piac” (Grows the knowledge – Grows the market; equal opportunity program for women)


Zalakarosi workshop 

 In the framework of Slovenia-Hungary-Croatia Neighbourhood Program the Zala Wine-Route Association implements an interesting program titled „NŐ a tudás – NŐ a piac” (Grows the knowledge – Grows the market; equal opportunity program for women), which aimes at improving the competitiveness of smallholders – especially the female viticulturists – by getting competence knowledge and experience. The project is realized by the partnership of Celodin Zala Foundation. CELODIN is a non-profit regional- and rural development organization.

 Our Slovenian partner is the Association of Vine- and Fruit-Growers in Lendava, which organizes the cooperations, tourist developments of the vine-growers and viticulturists in the vicinity of Lendava.


Zalakarosi workshop


15 girls and women have taken part in the project „NŐ a tudás – NŐ a piac” (Grows the knowledge – Grows the market; equal opportunity program for women) from the members of Zala Wine-Route Association, representing the following settlements: Zalaszentgrót, Pakod, Zalabér, Bak, Söjtör, Csörnyeföld. During the program 15 female wine-growers have participated in a training by which they could enlarge their knowledge in wine protocol, wine judgement and enterprise development in the course of lessons hold by well-known experts. The trainings and the professional events at the stations of the wine-route, the practical demonstrations in cellars increased the professional and entrepreneurial competence of the women. Based on the obtained skills individual development strategies have developed, which resulted – as it can be seen even now - the sustainable development of the represented best practice wine-tourist services.
By getting computer using skills, the participating female wine-growers got acquainted with the advantages of the computer and the possibility of Internet communication on the tourist market.
One of the culminating points of the project was the study-tour to Lendava at the time of vintage festival. The Zala Wine-Route Association have travelled to the vintage festival of Lendava, that is traditionally held every year by the assistance of our partner, the Association of Vine- and Fruit-Growers in Lendava. The members of the Slovenian association have introduced themselves in the framework of a kind reception.
The female wine-growers of Zala and the domestic partner organizations of the project are advertised by a CD, a tourist publication and a website, too. The collected experiences, information, surveys are summerized in a study, that can be seen on the website of Zala Wine-Route Association and the independent website of the female wine-growers of Zala. We hope that it provides assistance for the wine-tourist developments and the realization of the ideas of the Zala Wine-Route.

The community of Zala female wine-growers awaits all wine-friends, which are interested in the wine culture. Let’s taste together!

Workshop Zalakaroson