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The homepage development came true from the Neighbourhood Programme Slovenia-Hungary-Croatia 2004-2006 sponsored No. SLO-HU-CRO/065/HU on the score of "Market prospects are increasing for wine growers" project

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Winhouse dedication in Dötk
The wine route assotiation of Zala county made a new wine house. It was made because they want to publicity the Zala county wine. There plant 50 types of grapes.

Wine tourism conference in Szentgyörgyvár

Wine tourism conference in Szentgyörgyvár.

Neighbourhood Program the Zala Wine-Route Association implements an interesting program titled „NŐ a tudás – NŐ a piac” (Grows the knowledge – Grows the market; equal opportunity program for women), which aimes at improving the competitiveness of smallholders – especially the female viticulturists – by getting competence knowledge and experience.
That was the closing conference in this projekt.
The project is realized by the partnership of Celodin Zala Foundation. CELODIN is a non-profit regional- and rural development organization. Our Slovenian partner is the Association of Vine- and Fruit-Growers in Lendava, which organizes the cooperations, tourist developments of the vine-growers and viticulturists in the vicinity of Lendava.